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Nick Critelli’s Ethics CLE Presentations, December 5 to 13, 2013

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Nick's DecSeminars

Ethics Applicable to Trust and Estate Litigation:

December 5,  2013 Presentation


TS Bank


On Thursday, December 5, 2013 Nick will address members of the trust and estate bar in Iowa and Nebraska at a seminar sponsored by TS State Bank of Council Bluffs, IA.  The seminar will occur at the UNO Alumni Center in Omaha.  Each year TS Bank sponsors  the seminar  for lawyers practicing in the area of trusts and estates.

Nick’s presentation will focus on conflicts of interest which are  inherent in the trust and estate practice.  These conflicts often become the basis for litigation.

Special Ethics Comments  for Trusts and Estate Lawyers

          Typically conflicts of interest are governed by Rules 1.7 – 1.18  of the  Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  While the Model Rules apply to all specialties  of the practice of law,  trusts and estate practice can involve special situations. To address these issues, the American College of Trusts and Estate Counsel have adopted comments to the Model Rules.  The  Ethics Committee of the Iowa State Bar Association has not had an occasion to address the applicability of the ACTEC Comments.  However  they are persuasive and impressive.

A copy of the ACTEC Comments can be downloaded by clicking HERE

If you would like to attend the seminar please contact Chip Maxwell, TS Bank,  at  chip.maxwell@tsbank.comNick’s presentation has been accredited by the Iowa Courts Commission on CLE for 1 hour ethics CLE


December 10, 2013: Omaha Bar Association:   Ethical Considerations regarding  the use of Information Technology




Omaha  Marriott Regency

 Topics:  Encryption, Metadata, Redaction, Ethical considerations for the use of electronic transmission of documents.  Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.7 regarding confidentiality and due diligence concerning  commercially reasonable forms of communication.


Email and Website Inquiries; Email Communication with Clients; Online File Sharing with Clients; Video Conferencing with Potential and Actual Clients; Website Advertising; and the use of Social Media.

Nick’s presentation, including the videos on Metadata and Redaction can be downloaded by clicking on this LINK. 

Nick’s presentation has been accredited by the Nebraska CLE Commission and the Iowa Courts Commission on CLE for 1 hour ethics CLE



December 13, 2013  9AM  Scott County Bar Association, Davenport, IA:  Judicious Restraint on Judges and Lawyer’s Speech.




This speech will address the all to common problem of disparaging your competition by collegial deprecation and false humility.  As lawyers and judges we are entitled to the benefits of the First Amendment Free Speech…but we are also members of the administration of justice.  Sometimes it’s best to follow mother’s advice:  If you can’t say anything nice about someone it’s best to say nothing at all.

Nick’s seminar paper can be downloaded by clicking on this LINK

Nick’s presentation has been accredited by the Iowa Courts Commission on CLE for 1 hour ethics CLE


December 13, 2013, 4PM  Federal Practice Seminar, Des Moines, IA:  The Ethics Committee’s New Relationship Opinions.



The Ethics Committee’s six “relationship opinions” define the lawyer to lawyer relationship.  In this seminar Nick explores the subtle nuances between each relationship. The opinions are extremely important.

You can view a short ten minute for each of the opinions by clicking on the YouTube links below.

Video 1 gives you an overview of the five opinions and how they all interrelate.



Video 2 concerns IA Ethics Opinion 13-01, Of Counsel.



Video 3 discusses IA Ethics Opinion 13-02 “Pro Hac Vice” relationsihps.


Whoops, we found a typo “Ad” hoc instead of “Pro” hac. We’re in the process of correcting it but I wanted to get it posted while we wait for the correction.



Video 4 addresses IA Ethics Opinion 13-03 “Contracted Lawyers”.


Video 5 explores IA Ethics Opinion 13-04 “The Mentorship relationship”.


 Video 6 explains IA Ethics Opinion 13-05 “Co-Counsel Relationships”.


You can download the opinions by clicking on or going to the following link: NEW ETHICS OPINIONS

If you find this beneficial, please post a comment or send me an e-mail.

Nick’s presentation has been accredited by the Iowa Courts Commission on CLE for 1 hour ethics CLE


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