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Virtual Office



Welcome to the CritelliLaw Virtual Office.  What’s a Virtual Office, you ask?  It’s  a replica of our office  that exists on-line.  It works like this.   We create a secure, password encrypted,  on-line Virtual Office for each case.   When you log-in you have the option of entering several virtual rooms.  You do so by clicking the tab with the room name.   

Cclick the message tab and you enter a virtual MESSAGE ROOM  room where you can post a message or reply to one; read an update about your case or view a video briefing about your case.  When you post a message, it is posted on the message board and automatically sent via e-mail to both of us for our individual records.  Think about it: All the correspondence about your case in one place.

Press the Things to Do tab and you enter the STRATEGIC PLANNING ROOM where the things to do, assignments,  and planning comments and diagrams “live”.  Want to weigh in on a strategy?  Simply  post your thoughts.

Press the Calendar tab and you’ve entered the DOCKET ROOM where the docket calendar resides showing all upcoming events and deadlines.

Collaboration is important in the building of the legal product.  Press the
Writeboard tab and you’ll be taken to a virtual SMARTBOARD  where we can jointly work on document drafting.

The File tab takes you to the virtual FILE ROOM.  This is where your case file resides. You can find all the pleadings, discovery and other documents there.  It’s a complete digital copy of the file.

Our goal is to keep you constantly informed and up to speed so all of your questions are answered.  There’s one question we never want to hear: “What’s going on in my case.”  By using the Virtual Office you will always know — even if you want to know it at 3AM.

OK….It’s time to take a tour.

When you click on the LINK  you will be taken to a login screen.  Your e-mail address will be my UK e-mail: NCritelli@CritelliLaw.co.uk   and the pass word will be Visitor.  It looks like this:




So …. Click the link below to enter.