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New Five Minute Ethics Video “The importance of Talent”

Mar 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Professional Education

NEW VIDEO UPLOAD: The Importance of Talent.


You’ve graduated from law school and passed the bar.

Now what do you do? The economic crisis has crashed the job market and your student loans are coming do.  Not to worry!  You’ll just set up your own practice.  But wait…no one ever taught you how to practice law.  Law school taught you  about the “why” of the law but nothing about the “how.”   The “how” part is called training and there’s no one available to train you.  Well there is now.  We at CritelliLaw are concerned about the future of our great profession.  And guess what…YOU are our future.

So we’re going to do something about your dilemma.   Today we begin a video tutorial series called “FIVE MINUTE ETHICS.”   Each segment will address a practical problem you are likely to face as you set up your practice.  These are not professionally produced but I think you’ll find that they will be instructive.  Lastly — and most importantly — if you have any questions about how to do something please e-mail or call us.  We want to hear from you.  Are these useful?  What topics do you want us to cover?  We are a collaborative profession and we’re here to help you.

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