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Intelligence Analyist and Data-mining

Nov 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Alert

EVER WONDER how CritelliLaw can analyse  thousands of documents and potential exhibits in such a short period of time?  Meet Lylea Critelli, our data-miner.   Data-mining is the process of determing   who knew what, when they knew it, what they did or said about it and who else knew about it.   It’s a pain staking endeavor – like  trying to find  a needle in a haystack.  Once the data is analyzed it is put into our  litigation CaseMap databases where it is evaluated in relation to the law that governs the case.

Data-mining requires a  special skill set most often found amoung government  intelligence analysts and lawyers who specialize in handling cases on appeals.  That’s where Lylea comes in.  Her many years as an appellate or high court lawyer provided unique training for scouring thousands of pages of  transcripts and documents for  “intelligence” that might prove or disprove a legal proposition in a law brief.

For over a decade we have been dedicated to computer assisted litigation build around  CaseMap .  Time and time again it has proved to be invaluable.  However as with any computer process  its usefullness depends upon the skill of operators.    Lylea is the right person, at the right time,  for the right job. 

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