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Feb 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Alert

I’ve found another difference between mock trial and true litigation: multiple cases progressing at once. Although the primary focus in the office is on the quickly approaching and much awaited trial, other matters at the office must be addressed as well. This is in stark contrast to mock trial where students are handed binders containing only one case. For the entire mock trial season that case will be the mock trial students’ only legal matter. Essentially, that case becomes the students’ best friend.

Life at the office is a bit different. Sure, as trial grows near, the case going to trial may temporarily strike a stronger bond with the legal staff than other cases. Yet, other cases are yearning to be the legal staff’s best friend as well. This analogy played itself out today. Nick tended to the case heading to trial and I spent the day drafting a petition for an entirely unrelated matter. Meanwhile, Tré did his best to bounce between preparing the case going to trial, while also tending to phone calls, e-mails and other issues arising from other matters.

Nick, who is first-chairing the case going to trial next week, spent the day out of the office. Instead, our technology allowed us to bring the office to him. Our Virtual Office, as well as programs or software such as Go-To-Meeting, lets anyone on our legal team sit anywhere in the world, so long as they have an internet connection, without missing a meeting or other necessary interaction. Originally, the law offices at CritelliLaw were set up to foster the most efficient practice of law accessible to American attorneys. This was established by using studios designated for various tasks, as opposed to each attorney having one office. The Virtual Office takes this mentality one-step further and permits anyone at CritelliLaw to work at a location around the world that best-tailored for his or her needs. No longer is CritelliLaw constrained by physical walls, desks and filing cabinets.

Nick, focusing solely on trial strategy, chose to work from an undisclosed location – that is, a location where Nick was able to work without the interruptions that originate from being at the office. At the same time, however, he was only a mouse click away from instantly being a participant in an online meeting, gaining access to all documents on the case, and interacting with witnesses or other staff members. For example, wanting to do a test-run using an updated version of software we plan to use at trial, Nick logged onto Go-To-Meeting from his undisclosed location, while Tré logged on from the office. The meeting was a success, as they worked together, collaborating on trial logistics, strategy and tactics.

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