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PRESS RELEASE: Success at the Privy Council

Nov 11th, 2003 | By | Category: Public Service

For those of you following our matter in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council concerning women serving on juries in Gibraltar (Pilar Aida Rojas v. Brian Berllaque,) the decision can be found at item 76.

In sum, it was determined that a non-discriminatory method of compiling the jury list was an essential ingredient of a fair trial by jury. By discriminating between men and women regarding liability for jury service, s 19 of the Supreme Court Ordinance of Gibraltar therefore violated the right to a fair hearing in section 8(8) of the Constitution.

Our case was argued by David Pannick, QC, with David Hughes of Gilbratar and N. Tre Critelli of our Chambers as junior counsel and second-six pupil, respectively. Our friends at Lovells handled the Privy Council filings.


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