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Wondering About Life at the English Bar?

Oct 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Public Service

Our former Anglo-American Scholar, Mr Tim Kevan, is burning his way up the Amazon charts*with his description of life at the English bar, Baby Barista and the Art of War.

Under the premise that “litigation is like war,” the novel starts with BabyBarista’s first day as a pupil barrister in chambers. Despite his legal qualifications; it’s his summer working in Starbucks that’s going to stand him in good stead, since coffee-making seems to be his chief responsibility (with the odd bout of photocopying to relieve the tedium).

He’s got one year to make his mark and prove by foul means or fair that, out of the four pupil barristers, he’s the one who deserves to stay on and win the sought-after prize of a tenancy in chambers. It’s been described as “Big Brother”, but with little horsehair wigs.

BabyBarista opens a window onto the fascinating and secretive (and frequently absurd) ways of the legal profession through his secret blog. Puncturing pomposity and exposing injustice with subversive wit, this diary of a nobody is an hilarious tour around the modern bar.

Take a look at it over on Amazon.

* Well, okay, he’s not really burning his way up the charts but his book is ranked #1,180,610.  It’s a slow burn…. 😉

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